Introduction to UI/UX

Face introduced the UI/UX design challenges  to The Face Seasons 2018. These new contests are inspired by the TopCoder organisation and aims to bring out the creative side of students. How it works ? The UDC team comes up with an Idea for an app and provide a Wireframes for the app. Students use these... Continue Reading →


Session on competitive coding by Dr.Bhadrachalam

The principle intent behind the organization of the event is to introduce competitive coding and place a mind map inside aspirants in order to get the aspirants to move along the path of coding. Prof. Bhadrachalam, Head of Competitive Programming, ASE-Amritapuri has conducted a session on competitive programming on 1st September 2018 at ASE-Bangalore. The... Continue Reading →

Tech Triathlon

TECH-TRIATHLON was conducted on Friday, September 7th, 2018 between 3:30 to 4:20 in the rooms A-301,302,303. The event was exclusive for the first years.      TECH TRIATHLON, which is also a part of TFS point system is a competition consisting of 3 sub-events namely Puzzles, Tech taboo and Tech Pictionary that were all timed. The first... Continue Reading →

ACM-W Blockchain Talk

ACM-W, Association for Computing Machinery- Women’s chapter, hosted it’s first event of the semester on 28th August 2018 at ASE-B. The event was a talk on blockchain by Ms. Neena Mary, from Infosys. The speaker, Ms. Neena Mary ,was introduced by Lavanya Karthikeyan, ACM-W,Chair,(Year III,CSE). The objective of the event was to enlighten the students... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Logical Thinking

Date: 30th August’2018 FACE rolled out its second event for the semester conducted by its sister club CodeChef. An event on Logical Thinking exclusively for Freshman and Sophomore year students. Each participant was/were allowed to  participate individually or in pairs.  Organised on a light day of the week, Thursday the expected crowd did not deceive... Continue Reading →

Introduction to FACE

The event started off with a prayer to the almighty God praying for a prosperous year ahead. It was followed by an introduction to the ACROM club by Mr. Nippun Kumar. Then the statistics of the various events conducted in the previous academic year were presented by Vineeth (FACE secretary 2017-18). Various ACM goodies were... Continue Reading →


FACE, the acronym for Forum for Aspiring Computer Engineers successfully organized their flagship event, Stay Late and Code (SLAC) for the sixth year in a row on the 24th of March, 2018. The much awaited 24 hour hackathon provided a platform for budding engineers to showcase their skills in the field of coding. FACE having enthusiastically... Continue Reading →


Forum for Aspiring Computer Engineers (FACE) in collaboration with StudyOwl conducted Chatbot on 18th March 2018 as a gearing up session before SLAC, the flagship event of FACE. Mr.Prashanth Reddy from Studyowl conducted a fun filled hands on workshop imparting knowledge on how to make a chatbot for Facebook Messenger. The event witnessed a bunch of... Continue Reading →


Forum for Aspiring Computer Engineers (FACE) in collaboration with CSI and Sankhya organized ‘Detective Quest’ as part of the college Tech day Prabidhi on March 3 2018.Face Co-Secretary Ms.Lalitha Prasuna(CSE,III year),CSI Chair Ms.Rachana P(CSE,III year) and CSI Chair Akhil Katam(CSE,III year) organized the events with the help of the other members of FACE. The event was... Continue Reading →

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