Forum for Aspiring Computer Engineers (FACE) in collaboration with CSI and Sankhya organized ‘Detective Quest’ as part of the college Tech day Prabidhi on March 3 2018.Face Co-Secretary Ms.Lalitha Prasuna(CSE,III year),CSI Chair Ms.Rachana P(CSE,III year) and CSI Chair Akhil Katam(CSE,III year) organized the events with the help of the other members of FACE.

The event was a two round contest.In the first round or the treaure hunt round,the students had to drill their brains to decode clues and get to the ultimate spot which paved way for their next round.There were five clues hidden in unexpected places around the campus.Using the password obtained from first round,the teams participated in a tech taboo round.The winners were adjudged on the basis of time taken right from start.The team with the least time duration became the ultimate detectives!

The event witnessed a huge turnout with almost 80 teams taking part.It was a fun filled event where the participants enjoyed and learnt a lot.The event got the highest turnout among all other events held that day.


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