ACM-W Blockchain Talk

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-28 at 10.08.41 AM.jpegACM-W, Association for Computing Machinery- Women’s chapter, hosted it’s first event of the semester on 28th August 2018 at ASE-B. The event was a talk on blockchain by Ms. Neena Mary, from Infosys.

The speaker, Ms. Neena Mary ,was introduced by Lavanya Karthikeyan, ACM-W,Chair,(Year III,CSE). The objective of the event was to enlighten the students about cryptocurrencies and discussed why one should know about blockchain.

The session commenced with an introduction about blockchain and later spoke about it’s various types along with their applications.  The various domains of blocked was elucidated in detail and their respective applications.A comprehensive illustration of the entire process of security management in the block chain system was explained in detail. She also elaborated on how blockchain provides security of information and in turn explained its efficiency. She also pointed out the drawbacks of blockchain and reasoned why it hasn’t come into full execution in India yet. The applications of block chain in various main field sectors like medicine, education, business, technology etc was briefed upon.

The event came to a conclusion with the understanding of the scope and spectrum the block chain technology could provide.  Following this, a vote of thanks was delivered by Arvind Sudeer, ACM chair (Year III,CSE) and a small momento was presented to the speaker.


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