Introduction to FACE

The event started off with a prayer to the almighty God praying for a prosperous year ahead. It was followed by an introduction to the ACROM club by Mr. Nippun Kumar. Then the statistics of the various events conducted in the previous academic year were presented by Vineeth (FACE secretary 2017-18). Various ACM goodies were presented to all the members of the FACE team 2017-18 by the CSE dept. HOD, Ms. Amudha. It was followed by a brief talk by Ms. Amudha explaining the purpose of this departmental forum in our college. She also wished good luck to the new FACE team in continuing the legacy of FACE.

The event was then taken over by the new secretary of FACE, Ramshankar. He explained the working of FACE and how it can play an instrumental role in the college life of a student. Later, Amrutha, the present joint secretary elucidated that FACE conducts various workshops and fun, yet technical events. Rahul, the joint secretary continued the FACE introduction and spoke in detail about the FACE Seasons. He reiterated that it lasts the entire semester.

From there we moved on to the introduction of the various sister clubs of FACE, starting off with Computer Society of India- CSI. Abhirami, CSI chair, explained to the students how CSI is responsible for organising various talks on trending topics by distinguished speakers who specialize in the field about which they are going to talk. Then the various benefits of becoming a CSI student member were explained by Abhishek, CSI co-chair. He explained that it acts as a method to publish papers and projects.

This was followed by the introduction of ACM(Association of Computing Machinery). The chair of  ACM, Arvind, talked about the international reputation possessed by ACM and the perks of joining the club. Sriharish, the co-chair of ACM explained about the membership procedure.

ACM-W, the purpose and utility of the women’s chapter of ACM was explained by the chair of ACM-W, Lavanya. She explained that this organisation supports the women with innovative ideas by sponsoring their ideas to make them into a realit. The co-chair, Harshita Reddy of ACM-W went on to explain that even this club conducts various events on trending topics.

Prudhvinath, the chairperson of Codechef spoke about the purpose of this student chapter. He explained that this club conducts various different coding or puzzle solving related events inorder to improve the analytical skills of the students. He also explained how this club helps train the students for coding competitions like ICPC by conducting events and workshops to improve the logical thinking of the student. He encouraged students to take on competitive coding as it helps them improve their mental abilities.

We had a brief introduction to the latest addition to the FACE family, FORGE, the gaming club of our college. The main aim of the club was explained by Sathvik and Pavan, chairperson and co-chairperson of FORGE. They explained that this club deals with making games using softwares such as Unity He even showed a small video explaining the aim of this club.



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