Introduction to UI/UX

Face introduced the UI/UX design challenges  to The Face Seasons 2018. These new contests are inspired by the TopCoder organisation and aims to bring out the creative side of students.

How it works ?

  • The UDC team comes up with an Idea for an app and provide a Wireframes for the app.

  • Students use these wireframes as references and design their own unique  app.

  • Students send in their app design before the deadline.


An Introductory event for the UI/UX design contest was conducted by Ramshankar, the Face Secretary. The audience got to know more about User Interface and User Experience. They were introduced to platforms such as Photoshop and Adobe Xd. They also got clarity on how the these contest works.


We got an overwhelming response not just from CSE students but also from Students  other branches. This is because of the attractive feature of the UI/UX design contests.


  • The UI/UX design contest are online and of a week duration. This gives Students freedom to work from any location and in flexible times.
  • This is a Design contest where Students creativity is showcased. There is no necessity of Coding. Thus Students from non coding background look forward to the UI/UX design  contests.

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